With the e-commerce marketplace being so saturated, business owners need to step up their online marketing to stay competitive and bring in new customers. Thankfully, you do not need to have complex or expensive marketing campaigns to do this. You just need to think outside of the box to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


  1. Free Samples

In the past, cologne and perfume samples seemed to be in every magazine. Today, most of the free samples have been upgraded to mini sizes from just being a piece of paper dripped in the scent. There are also many more samples being offered. There are companies that will ship full-sized products as samples if the customer pays for shipping.

  1. Referral Programs with Twists

Referral programs have been around for years. However, using a referral program as virtual marketing is a new idea. AppSumo is the best example of this. It gives you a freebie for signing up for their mailing list, but you need to tweet the shout-out so you can start unlocking other bonuses.

  1. Be Creative on YouTube

While YouTube is full of viral cat videos and tutorials on everything, it’s hard to become too successful. The highest earning YouTuber is DisneyCollectorBR, and her channel is about unboxing and reviewing toys. Sending YouTubers products is not a new idea, but who and what they do with the product is what is important.

  1. Join In With another Promotion

If you want to build your business, put your feelers out, and see who is running upcoming promotions or events. You can ask if you can donate products for free for a prize giveaway or be added to the merchandise bags, which can help attract new customers.

  1. Viral Contest

There is no way to make sure that your content will go viral, but you should still try. There are many ways that you can encourage people to share your posts by offering something that everyone wants. Free laptops, cash, and products can make people sign up for the contest. Offering extra entries to increase a person’s chance of winning can help your contest spread. There are also specific tools you can use to track sharing and add posts to make sure that all the posts are counted correctly.

  1. Use Other People’s Audience

Building your audience can take a long time, so why not use another person’s audience to boost yours? There are many bloggers and other social media creators that you can partner with.

There are many more creative ways that you can market your business online to attract more customers. Being creative and staying motivated are important for a business that is looking to survive in this online marketplace.