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why really we should not use DOT tk Domain

Today, internet world has a number of domains and each domain has their own benefits and disadvantages as well. So, if you are considering to register a free Dot.TK domain then we can say it’s a bad idea. Instead of that you can pay $10 and get your regular domain (.Com, .ORG, .NET).

You should be thinking more than one time if you are really interested in getting a free Dot.TK domain. Chances are you might not aware about Dot.TK scam and yet haven’t read the reviews.

Whenever, you decide to buy a domain just don’t ever forget to read its reviews carefully. Once your domain gets popular it becomes a danger for you therefore, try to source your domain locally so that you will at least gain complete customer support.

Dot.TK is a Scam

Many individuals who have used as a domain are now seriously regretting their decision.  As per user’s reviews, Dot.TK domain removed the user’s site and loaded their own ads for money making.

Dot.TK Terms of Condition

To get a free domain and use it you must accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Site should not contain inappropriate content
  2. Site must have any content
  3. You shouldn’t protect site by any basic authentication
  4. Site must be active
  5. 25 views are required in 90 days.

10 Reasons why you should Not Use Dot TK domain

  1. Its Free but you cannot control it
  2. When gets famous, they will steal from you
  3. They will take penalty for abuse or copyright to take full control over your domain
  4. You made a lot of efforts for generating traffic, now they use for ads
  5. Even after paying for the, you can’t access the full control
  6. You will not be able to transfer to any other server
  7. They will not provide you with Auth-code to transfer
  8. At the end you will be charged more pay or leave after all they will re-sell your domain.
  9. You will face too many losses
  10. To save yourself and your hard work and money.better buy domain from Google or other but never DOT.Tk FREE or Paid.

Other Reasons

  1. Dot TK SEO

When you use DOT.TK domain for your website or blog, the search engine website not prioritized your original content.If you are using domains then no search engine will give you the first place that will surely disturb your branding.

  1. Advertisement

Today starting your blog can earn a lot of money especially via Google Adsense. But, while using domain it’s almost impossible to get Google Adsense membership.

  1. Domain Delete

If you are using Dot.Tk domain and your website is achieving higher rank in Alexa ranking along with a good Google page rank then chances are your domain will be deleted soon.

Dot.TK Disadvantages

Since you are reading this, chances are you might unaware about other disadvantages of Dot.TK free domain name service so, after a lot of research we have found some disadvantages of using domain which are as follows:

  • Cant Discover your Content

The biggest disadvantage with free domains is that they make your content unavailable on Google and mostly Dot TK domains are spam and this is a great disadvantage.

  • Domain Gets Suspended

We have read many comments of the users in the searching process and a lot of people have this trouble that after using Dot.TK domain, they found that their domain got suspended for no reason for about one to two weeks. Moreover, they also notified that during this suspension process there were no notifications about this issue.

Final Verdict

After an in-depth research about Dot.Tk domain we can conclude that you shouldn’t use domain because there is a reason for that. Once your website gets popular they sell it to someone else or they remove it from your account and meanwhile all the traffic that has been generated by your efforts gets turned into an ads traffic.