YouTube mobile app incognito.

YouTube Mobile App is the next thing which is currently in process and soon you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to get YouTube mobile app incognito.

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Many YouTube users wish that no one can actually watch the list of their last watched videos, but you just can’t keep your browsing record under lock until you have this fresh YouTube Mobile App that is offering incognito mode.

But, according to the Android police, things are about to change now and Google is testing a latest version of the YouTube mobile App for android which also comprise an incognito mode for the users, popping up right inside the user menu.

Since, incognito mode is the common feature that is accessible on many browsers, allows users to search web without saving their search histories.

How Can You Access YouTube Incognito Mode?

There is no doubt that your web surfing is vividly converting as the highly user-tailored affair, every video you browse is monitored and added into the YouTube’s watch history just to keep feeding  recommendations for you.

One thing that you can do about this is just simply go to your YouTube setting menu and disable your search history, but this will not be taking action instantly and you might get disappointed after doing it.

Thankfully, the new YouTube mobile app incognito is accessible and you can find it at the most prominent position.

To get access, all you need to do is just tap your avatar at upper right corner of the YouTube app. it will be available as “Turn on incognito” right below the sign out option. Keeping it all private, your avatar converts into the Incognito spy icon, and none of your activity is recorded. All your subscriptions are hidden too.

If you are unable to see this mode on your Android device yet, don’t worry. It looks like YouTube is still testing its Incognito mode with random users only before fully effecting the changes.